LTspice入門:LTspiceで使用できるSPICE Directive

LTspiceは、SPICE Directiveで解析の設定を行います。そこで今回は使用可能なSPICE Directiveをまとめておく事にします。

使用可能なSPICE Directiveのリストが次表になります。

CommandShort Description
.ACPerform a Small Signal AC Analysis
.BACKANNOAnnotate the Subcircuit Pin Names on Port currents
.DCPerform a DC Source Sweep Analysis
.ENDEnd of Netlist
.ENDSEnd of Subcircuit Definition
.FOURCompute a Fourier Component
.FUNCUser Defined Functions
.FERRETDownload a File Given the URL
.GLOBALDeclare Global Nodes
.ICSet Initial Conditions
.INCLUDEInclude another File
.LIBInclude a Library
.LOADBIASLoad a Previously Solved DC Solution
.MEASUREEvaluate User-Defined Electrical Quantities
.MODELDefine a SPICE Model
.NETCompute Network Parameters in a .AC Analysis
.NODESETSupply Hints for Initial DC Solution
.NOISEPerform a Noise Analysis
.OPFind the DC Operating Point
.OPTIONSSet Simulator Options
.PARAMUser-Defined Parameters
.SAVELimit the Quantity of Saved Data
.SAVEBIASSave Operating Point to Disk
.STEPParameter Sweeps
.SUBCKTDefine a Subcircuit
.TEMPTemperature Sweeps
.TFFind the DC Small-Signal Transfer Function
.TRANDo a Nonlinear Transient Analysis
.WAVEWrite Selected Nodes to a .WAV file

SPICE Directive(構文)については、機会があれば別の記事で詳しくまとめてみようと考えています。


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